Swim spa The Agility

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Swim Spa The Agility

The Agility Swim Spa is a new, compact swim spa that combines 3 massage seats with the Adjustable River Swim System, allowing for a vigorous swim while keeping your head comfortably above the water level. The force and flow of the stream is completely adjustable and can be used in combination with our unique Current-Lift technologyTM, enabling you to also remain prone in the water even while swimming at a slower pace. The three massage seats are designed for different body lengths and incorporate specially designed massage techniques including our exclusive Passion Spas Aqua Rolling Massage™, one of our most popular and effective massage features.


• Dimensions Standard: 394 x 226 x 126 cm
• Dimensions Deep: 394 x 226 x 152 cm
• Number of seats: 3
• Total Massage Jets: 50
• Turbo Swimjets: 5
• Floor Swimjets: 2
• Aqua Rolling Massage™
• Starbrite Interior LED light System
• Wi-Fi Ready
• Hybrid Heating™
• Bio-Lok
• Synergy Water Maintenance System
• Energy Efficient Filtration Pump
• Capacity Standard: 7500 liter
• Dry Weight Standard: 1200 kg
• Capacity Deep: 9000 liter
• Dry Weight Deep: 1400 kg
• Current-Lift Technology™
• Adjustable River Swim System