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Why Get A Swim Spa?

Why Get A Swim Spa? Not everyone is lining up on the pavement to get them self a Hot Tub (Though we don’t know why. They’re great!). A Hot Tub isn’t for everyone. Some people just aren’t interested in one or they don’t like a specific part of them such as the jets...

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Hard Shell vs Inflatable Hot Tubs

So you’re just thinking about getting a hot tub. If this is going to be your first experience in a hot tub you will have to make an important decision. Do you get a Soft Inflatable or a more permanent Hard Tub? If you already know what kind you want then great, this...

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How to turn your garden into a relaxing hot tub sanctuary

How to turn your garden into a relaxing hot tub sanctuary Nothing beats relaxing in your own hot tub, especially if yours is set in a beautiful, peaceful garden. Nicky Roeber, an Online Horticultural Expert with Wyevale Garden Centres, shares four easy ways to turn...

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Hot Tub Service – Do I Really Need One?

Why do I need an Annual Hot Tub Service? So you’ve just purchased your first Hot Tub, or you’ve traded in your old one for a newer model. It was a lot of money, no doubt. Why should you fork out each year to get a yearly service on it? It should just work right? Well...

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Great Time To Get A Hot Tub!

Have you ever thought about getting a hot tub? Tried one on holiday? Have an inflatable tub and looking to upgrade? Well now is the perfect time to make that thought a reality. At our huge showroom on Norham Road, North Shields we have over 30+ tubs on display. We...

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4 Common Hot Tub Issues

While hot tubs are actually quite simple to use. Many people find themselves facing issues that they don't know the cause of or how to solve. Here are 4 common issues and how to solve them quickly and with ease.   My Jets aren’t working If your hot tub is turned on,...

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Why Maintaining Clean Water is Important

While some people may think that once they fill up their hot tub they’re good to go. They don't have to worry about it or the water until maybe they drain it around the 3 month mark, or was it 4 months..? This is not that case. That doesn’t mean you have to put on...

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New Christmas Stock!!

New Christmas Stock It's Christmas Time again and here at TheHotTubWarehouse our Hot Tub orders are still going strong. We recently took a delivery of another truck full of hot tubs. Much of this New Christmas Stock has already been allocated but we still have a few...

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Our Partner – Make A Wish UK

As many of you know, TheHotTubWarehouse is partnered with the amazing global charity, Make-A-Wish. Through Make A Wish UK we provide quality Hot Tubs and Spa Pools to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. We are up and down the entire length...

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How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

To anyone new to the Hot Tub scene who's thinking about purchasing one, their first will most likely be, 'How much will it cost?' Our partner Hot Spring UK have written a very in depth and informative article about all the different factors involved in pricing when it...

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What to do if you have Cloudy Water?

There’s nothing worse than getting in from a long day, running to your hot tub (although we don’t recommend running near water…) only to find that it’s not the crystal clear body of water you’ve been looking forward to all day. Instead, you find it to be a white,...

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How to get rid of Foam

Foam and bubbles can be great fun to have in the bath but when it comes to a hot tub or spa, FOAM IS BAD. (just so you understand). The foam and/or bubbles are caused by the water being thick or ‘saturated’ with particles. Then you come along, ready for your...

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