While hot tubs are actually quite simple to use. Many people find themselves facing issues that they don’t know the cause of or how to solve. Here are 4 common issues and how to solve them quickly and with ease.


My Jets aren’t working

If your hot tub is turned on, you’ve pressed the jets button on your control panel but nothing is happening, Don’t fret! Usually this issue can be easily solved by manually turning the face of the jet to open up the water flow to it. Most modern hot tubs allow you to turn individual jets on and off by twisting the face. This is so you can increase pressure to other jets.

If this fix does not work, first make sure that your jets are not clogged up with grime. This won’t really occur unless you have ridiculously terrible water quality. Like horrible. Swamp Water. If you value hygiene and your jets are not in fact clogged with grime, you may have an air lock in the system. This can be caused by not filling your hot tub properly or having your water level too low. We recommend draining your tub and filling up again. Making sure your fill from the filter compartment and pushing the hose right down in to the filter hole.


My Hot Tub Won’t Heat

While there could be numerous reasons why your hot tub isn’t heating, I’ll summarise a few of of them. First of all, the super simple fix. Turn up the temp on your control panel. Yes, this seems stupid, but honestly nearly 40% of the time this issue is caused because the hot tub is not set to the desired temperature.

Right. Stupid simple fix over. Now on to a harder one. A hot tub not heating up properly can also be caused by a water flow problem. This is because in order for all the water to heat up evenly it needs to be circulated around while the heating element is in use. If you have a water flow issue then not all the water is being heated or the water is being moved around slowly so it takes longer to heat it all up. To fix this first check your water quality, bad water can cause flow issues. Check your filter, if it is dirty, caked in muck or even just too old it can be the cause of water flow problems. If your filter is indeed dirty, try using some Filter Cleaner to get rid of the muck. Then keep on top of your filter by cleaning weekly with something like an Aqua Comb to keep it clean.

Another possible cause could be an air lock in the system as this could mean that the heating element may not be in contact or submerged in water. Refer to the previous section to see how to fix an air lock.


There is No Power to My Tub

First of all check that your isolator switch is turned on. Again, this seems stupid but more often than not, this is the cause. Next, if you have one, check the RCD (Residual Current Device) on your electrical wire coming out of the tub, you may need to reset it if it has tripped. The next thing to do is actually check that the plug socket the tub draws power from actually works properly. Try plugging in another device to test it. Finally, make sure that there are no switches tripped in your house breaker as this would stop power to the hot tub.


My Hot Tub is Costing Me Too Much Money

Everyone’s perception of how much is ‘too much money’ is different. If you feel like your hot tub is costing more to run than was quoted, there are a few easy fixes you can try to reduce the cost. First off, how often are you draining your tub? The most common cause of an increased or higher running cost is that a person is draining and refilling their tub too often. Every time you do this you will see an increase in your monthly electricity bill as the hot tub has to heat up ‘cold’ water. If you are draining your hot tub more than once every 3 months because of poor water quality, why not try using some of our Organo Clean Water Clarifier to help maintain crystal clear water.

Another possible cause might be that your filter cycle programming is set to filter too many times a day, using up your electricity. While this doesn’t really cause a massive increase in cost, it can still contribute. We at TheHotTubWarehouse set our tubs to filter twice daily (every 12 hours) as this is generally considered best practice. You’ll have to check your tub guide for instructions on how to change the filter cycle settings as this varies depending on which control panel system your hot tub uses.

– Richard | TheHotTubWaterhouse