New Christmas Stock

It’s Christmas Time again and here at TheHotTubWarehouse our Hot Tub orders are still going strong. We recently took a delivery of another truck full of hot tubs. Much of this New Christmas Stock has already been allocated but we still have a few spare tubs that could go out before Christmas. So get your orders in now!!

Make A Wish Road Trip

We have Hot Tubs and Saunas set to go out from now up until the 22nd of December all over the country. This week our install are going on a little Make a Wish UK road trip. They have 4 of our special Joy Deluxe hot tubs that are only for our Make A Wish families on the truck. Starting very, very early this morning they set off and traveled down the length of the country to deliver their first tub. While the first tub was filling, they quickly went to their second Make A Wish family to drop off their tub and starting filling that aswell.

Once both tubs had been filled and set up, our install team took the families through all the training on how to use the tub, showed them how/when to add chemicals and gave them some tips on maintaining their brand new Hot Tub. Then it was on to their third delivery for the day. A quick hour of driving and they were at the next Make A Wish house. Again, they filled the tub and set it up then gave the whole family a full in depth training on using their Hot Tub and maintaining it. (although this was a lot easier as there was only one tub this time!)

Then they had a few hours of driving to get down to the coast for tomorrows install. Bright and early, the team will head down the road from their conveniently placed hotel to their final Make A Wish install. It should be another easy install for our amazing install team but who knows, anything could happen. It could pour it down. There could be 90mph winds. At a stretch, it might even just snow! ❄☃