Why Get A Swimspa?

Not everyone is lining up on the pavement to get them self a Hot Tub (Though we don’t know why. They’re great!). A Hot Tub isn’t for everyone. Some people just aren’t interested in one or they don’t like a specific part of them such as the jets blasting away at your back. To those people, we don’t turn you away. We offer you. A Swimspa.

Swim Spas are a great way of combining leisure and relaxation with exercise. A swim spa gives you the exercise capabilities of a swimming pool with the seating and luxury of a Hot Tub. Powerful jets at one end of the swim spa create a current for you to swim against. This means you stay static in the water and swim continuously without hitting the end of the spa. At TheHotTubWarehouse out Swim Spas go one step further with some of them also have 2 additional jets on the floor of the spa angled up towards you. This Current Lift Technology works in tandem with the powerful swim jets at the end of the spa to match the current with your workout intensity. As you decrease the force of the upper swimjets, the two lower jets increase in intensity to provide more lift to the swimmer as their speed slows. This technology is solely available at TheHotTubWarehouse.



So what are the benefits of owning and using a swimspa? Well first off, the hydrotherapy benefits. One of the main benefits you get from using a hot tub or swim spa actually encompasses a whole load of benefits. Muscle soreness will go as you float in the water and have all the tension in your aching muscles relived. The warm temperature helps increase blood flow around the body. This aids in rehabilitating tired muscles and joints, whether that they are a result of a serious injury or just muscle soreness from a gym session. Sitting in 38°c also helps you sweat out any toxins in your body. This will also help boost your immune system as the warm water helps your lymphatic system collect and get rid of toxins and unwanted materials. Finally, by using a hot tub or swim spa for just 20 minutes, twice a week you will see a decrease in the amount of stress you have. Decreasing your blood pressure and releasing natural endorphins that help fight of stress.

Now those are some of the benefits of both hot tubs and swim spas. But what about the added benefits of a swim spa. Well, one of the main reasons for a swim spa is that it gives you the ability for stationary swimming by using the powerful swim jets. Swimming is one of the best exercises to work your body to its max. By using a swim spa to swim for just 30 minutes a week you will see an improvement in your fitness. Both in your cardiovascular fitness level as well as physically, your body will become more toned. It is a great form of exercise for someone wanting to lose weight as the water supports you while you swim.


Our Swim Spas

Now here at TheHotTubWarehouse we have a fantastic range of Swim Spas to suit everyone’s needs. Our starting swim spa, The Aquatic One is perfect for those wanting the experience of a swimming pool but without the large footprint that comes with it. At just 400cm long, this swim spa will fit in most mid sized gardens no problem.

Swimspa Aquatic-1

Aquatic One Swim Spa

At the top end of the range is our Swimspa, The Nautilus Supreme. This full spec swim spa is the best of the best at just over 7 metres long and features an attached hot tub. Its dual zone control means that you can have the hot tub and swim spa at different temperatures. This means you can swim in the cooler swim lane then hop over in to the warmer hot tub to relax and sooth your tired muscles. This swim spa also features our amazing Current Flow Technology which helps keep the swimmer afloat while they exercise.

Swimspa Nautilus Supreme Doubled

Swimspa Nautilus Supreme Doubled

Nautilus Supreme Swim Spa

To find out more about our swim spa range just go to the Swim Spa Collection on our website and you can browse all the the swim spa we offer. Alternatively if you have any questions about a specific swim spa, please call our showroom on 0191 258 2220.


–    Richard  |  TheHotTubWarehouse