Why do I need an Annual Hot Tub Service?

So you’ve just purchased your first Hot Tub, or you’ve traded in your old one for a newer model. It was a lot of money, no doubt. Why should you fork out each year to get a yearly service on it? It should just work right? Well Yes and No. While if you’ve purchased a good quality hot tub from a reputable dealer, your hot tub should have nothing wrong with it for a least the first 5 years, things unfortunately sometimes do go wrong.

At TheHotTubWarehouse we like to use the example of a brand new car. You don’t expect anything to go wrong with a new car and it shouldn’t, but you still get it an MOT to make sure that everything is in order. We see the annual service as a preventive measure. You wouldn’t ever look at your car one day and see that the brake pads need replacing but if you brought it in for it’s MOT, the mechanic would be able to tell you if they did. It’s the same with your hot tub, our service technicians can look at a range of aspects of your hot tub and be able to tell you if anything 1)is broken or needs replacing and 2)looks like it will need replacing in the future.


If I look after my tub do I really need a Service?

While properly looking after your tub and taking good care of it will make your Hot Tub last the longest it can and will generally make sure that all the components are in good condition. It is recommended that you have a professional look over your Hot Tub at least once a year, i.e. an annual service. This is because after years in the industry, a service technician will be able to spot any early warning signs that a specific part has been work down and may need replacing soon. While here at TheHotTubWarehouse all our hot tubs are quality made and all components are made to last, things can still wear down over time. For example, rubber seals are used for connectors on nearly all tubs, if you over chlorinate your water over time these seals can be eaten away by the chlorine and eventually fail. This is why it is a good idea to have a hot tub service technician check over all the seals and valves as they will be able to see if a seal has been degraded.


What does a service entail?

So what will our annual service actually involve? Well here at TheHotTubWarehouse we don’t offer a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire service package. We offer our customers one comprehensive annual service that will fully valet your Hot Tub and extend the life of it. Our service starts off with a full visual inspection of the tub, this gives our technician a chance to identify any obvious issue that may need addressing such as an algae build up or a build up of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Next they will add powerful chemicals to the water that will break down any limescale in the system and also dislodge any other matter in the internal pipes. After that they will drain the tub and flush out any material. A complete cleaning of the inside of your hot tub follows including a valet of your head rests and topside divert valves. Next our service technician will take the side panels off and perform a full inspection of your electrical wiring and components, here they will also re-grease any fittings or valves that need to be. Finally they will refill your hot tub and set the water up like new, finishing with a full valet of your hot tub cover to prevent blistering due to UV rays.

Theatre Spa Service

A Theatre Spa being refilled after a service.

Also if you a concerned about a specific aspect of your hot tub, our technicians will answer any questions you may have and will look in to specific issues you may have. As always, all our knowledgeable employees at TheHotTubWarehouse are here to answer any questions you may have and are available 7 days a week to offer advice and help to fix any issues you may have.

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-Richard | TheHotTubWarehouse