There’s nothing worse than getting in from a long day, running to your hot tub (although we don’t recommend running near water…) only to find that it’s not the crystal clear body of water you’ve been looking forward to all day. Instead, you find it to be a white, cloudy translucent disaster! Here at the HotTubWarehouse, we too share in your dismay *sadface* and want to help. So here’s our guide on how to fix your cloudy water.


First let’s be clear what’s causing the cloudiness. Tiny particles that are below 20 microns across usually just pass through filter systems and are picked up by the filter. Usually there are 3 main causes:

The Filter – If your filter is dirty or not working properly for any reason this can cause cloudiness. Since the filter isn’t doing its job properly and filtering the debris out of your tub then the waters inevitably going to get dirty.

Chemicals – A lot of people assume that if you put a load of chemicals in then it will make your water clean no matter what. While this is true in most cases, putting way too much in can cause it to become saturated and turn cloudy.

External factors – Nearly everything can cause your spa to become cloudy and dirty your water. Factors such as the weather, animals, people, the sun, pollen, algae…you get the idea.


Now, how to actually fix the issue. What you’ll need is some water clarifier. We sell Organo Clean Water Clarifier that works great. Pool and Hot Tub/Spa water clarifiers work as a coagulant. It works to gather all of the smaller particulates together and form larger clusters so that they can be more easily picked up by the filter.

This will work if the problem is particulates in the water. However, if the issue is with a dirty filter then this method may help the problem but won’t completely fix it. For a dirty filter please refer to our previous post on How to Properly Clean Your Filter.


–  Richard | Sales & Marketing