How to turn your garden into a relaxing hot tub sanctuary

Nothing beats relaxing in your own hot tub, especially if yours is set in a beautiful, peaceful garden. Nicky Roeber, an Online Horticultural Expert with Wyevale Garden Centres, shares four easy ways to turn your outside space into a relaxing sanctuary, so you can really make the most of your hot tub.  

There’s no better feeling than sinking into a hot tub at the end of a long day, but you’ll find it even more relaxing if your garden looks beautiful, too. Here, I’ve shared the plants, accessories and garden furniture that you’ll need to make your outside area a serene sanctuary, so you can enjoy relaxing in your tub even more. Just read on to learn how to transform your garden into your own personal paradise.


Plant flowers with calming scents

Plants, flowers and shrubs don’t only bring a pop of colour into your garden. Many varieties will also produce gorgeous, relaxing fragrances, so planting a few highly scented flowers near your hot tub will give you a chance to savour the aromas as you soak. If your tub is on a patio or deck without any beds or borders, then you could try placing a few aromatic potted plants near your hot tub. Lavender, Daphne or dwarf lilac varieties are all beautifully fragrant, and will thrive in containers if given the right care.

If you tend to use your hot tub in the evening, look for varieties that will smell best after sunset, like evening primrose, tuberose, gardenias, and angel’s trumpet. This way, you’ll be able to take in the soothing scents as you sit back and watch the stars from your tub.


Add privacy to your hot tub area

If you have neighbours, your garden might feel overlooked, which can make it hard for you to fully relax and let go when you’re out enjoying your hot tub. Adding a bit of privacy to the space around your tub will help you to feel a little more sheltered, meaning you’ll be able to fully unwind. Placing a screen made from a natural fibre like bamboo around your tub will provide you with a bit more privacy, and it will also help integrate your hot tub into the landscape of your garden.

If your tub is overlooked by taller buildings, then you might even want to build a shelter or canopy structure over your pride and joy — this way, you’ll also have a little bit of shelter from the weather, meaning you can enjoy your hot tub all year round.


Create a seating area where you can fully relax

Nothing beats relaxing in a hot tub, but from time to time you’ll also want a comfortable seating area for dining, entertaining, or just for those moments when you don’t have enough time to soak in the tub. So, you’ll want to add a table and a few comfortable chairs, as well as a sun-lounger or two, to your garden so you’ll have a place to relax when the weather warms up.

Those with a knack for DIY can even create their own trendy outdoor sofa-style seating using old wooden pallets and a lick of paint. On sunny days, pile yours high with comfy cushions in bright prints, and curl up with a book and a cold drink.


Add comfort and luxury to your seating area

One of the easiest ways to bring a relaxing feel to your garden is to add a few cosy soft furnishings to your seating area. Even though using soft furnishings outdoors might sound a bit odd at first, adding a few cushions and blankets is actually a very simple way to make your space a more comfortable and inviting place for relaxation.

You’ll want to try adding a few brightly coloured cushions to your seating area or loungers, so you’ll have a cosy spot where you can fully relax on sunny days. Just make sure to buy soft furnishings that are constructed from a weather-proof fabric, and remember that you’ll need to store them indoors during the winter months — a dry spot in a shed or garage should be up to the job.

If you love to relax in your hot tub but think the rest of your garden could do with a bit of TLC, take my tips on board. You’ll soon have a beautiful, calming garden that you’ll love to spend time in.


A big thanks to our friend Nicky Roeber of Wyevale Garden Centre for writing this excellent blog post about creating perfect garden with your Hot Tub.

     –   Richard | TheHotTubWarehouse