Swimspa WATERFIT 3

With the WaterFit 3 Swim Spa from vivo spa® you can enjoy fitness and relaxation in a private environment (in the garden in the fresh air or as an indoor Swim Spa) – alone or with the people you like best. Premium Swim Spas from the Whirlpool Center not only offer bubbling water and simple counter-current technology. The WaterFit 3 guarantees a perfect swimming experience and soothing massage for your entire body in one area. Relax or swim in warm water under the open sky. With a swimming pool your wellness dream becomes a daily reality. With the WaterFit 3 you can experience all the advantages that a Swim Spa has over a swimming pool: Available around the clock (water stays in the pool for 3-12 months, special filter systems keep the water clear and clean), innovative insulation techniques ensure relatively low power consumption, exclusive technological and shaping materials, long life.




The vivo spa® WaterFit 3 shines with a unique design that guarantees an optimal water flow. Enjoy three wide RiverStream PRO counter-current systems with MP Swim technology and LED lighting for your swimming and fitness program. The strength of the countercurrent can be continuously adjusted with a regulator. Due to its dimensions, swimming and water enthusiasts from small to large find enough space and flexibility for refreshing water sports with relaxed to moderate intensity. After exercise you can enjoy soothing hydrotherapy in the comfortable massage area. Two loungers and one seat offer you relaxing massages from head to toe. Can be used all year round. Whenever you want. Discover the new swimming and relaxation pool of vivo spa®!

Dimensions: 530 x 238 x 150 cm
Net weight: 1.450 kg
Water Capacity: 8.800 l
Jets: 26
Isolation: IsoTec PRO
Acrylic: Aristech Acrylics® Bio-Lok®
Control & heat system: Spa Control PRO
Heater: 1 x 3 KW
Current system & Massage pump: 3 x 3 PS Current / 1 x 3 PS Massage
Water Management: WaterVilt with Ozone PRO
Circulation Pump: Quiet-Flow 1 x 0,35 PS
Waterfall / Arom: No / No
Stainless stell frame: Yes
Electricity: 1 x 380 V – 3x32A



Few things are as fascinating as the interaction of light and water. Pleasant colors give your vivo spa® Swim Spa a special mood and create a cosy atmosphere in which you can feel comfortable. You can choose from different light modes. Whether as a single color or continuously merging colors: the vivo spa® color light therapy brings sensual harmony, the right mood and your Swim Spa is guaranteed to shine!